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Shipping & Policies


Curbside Delivery: 

The delivery driver will pull up to the curb outside. It is up to you to remove the item from the truck yourself. The driver is not required to help remove the item himself. He may choose to (or not) at his own discretion. We strongly recommend Liftgate Service and having a second pair of hands to help you.

Note: If you are unable to remove the item from the truck, storage fees and/or return shipping fees may be incurred at your expense.

Curbside Liftgate Delivery:

The driver will remove the item from the truck for you and place it on the curb. It is your responsibility to then move the item inside. We recommend having a dolly and a friend to help.

Front Door/Garage Delivery: 

The driver will remove the item from the truck and place it by your front door or in your garage. It is your responsibility to then move the item inside. 

Inside Room Delivery:  

The driver will remove the item from the truck and place the item in your selected room of choice.  

Delivery & Full Installation:  

With this service, an installer will come to your home after the order is delivered.    You are responsible for receiving the order and signing off on it.  We are not responsible for unreported damage or missing parts. Please see below for receiving instructions, including how to report any damage or missing parts.

Installation Coordination: 

We will pass your contact information to our installer and they will contact you to setup a time to do the installation.  If for any reason the installer does not contact you (within 3 days of receiving your oder), please let us know and we will schedule the install for you.  If you do not make us aware that the installer has failed to contact you (within 3 days of you receipt of your oder), we are not responsible for a failed installation, and you will not be entitled to a refund. 



Report Missing or Damaged Items: 

Any shipping damage or missing parts must be reported to Game Table Champ within 3 business days of receiving your shipment.  If you notice that parts are missing, specify which items/parts via email.  Photos demonstrating the extent of the damage are required and must be received within 3 days of the damage being reported. This enables us to make sure your claim is taken care of successfully and you are not liable for the cost of a repair or replacement.  
Reporting damaged or missing parts in this time frame is crucial as the manufacturers we source products while not honor claims after this window of time.  



Freight shipments come with curbside shipping. This means the freight company is not responsible for carrying the product into the building, unloading the package from the truck, or assembling your purchase. For heavier items such as game tables, we strongly recommend you have the appropriate assistance available at the time of delivery. The freight company will notify you by phone to schedule a delivery date and time window. Typically, there will be a four-hour time frame for the delivery and someone must be home for the item to be delivered. Shipping time may vary depending on the product and line.  The customer is also responsible for the following steps.

1. Delivery Appointment - scheduling a delivery appointment when the shipping carrier calls (usually 2-3 days in advance) at a time when you can be home to sign for the items within the carrier’s business hours. Fees resulting from re-delivery will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Please do not miss your scheduled delivery appointment. Re-delivery can take up to a week depending on your location.

2. Product inspection - When you receive the freight, if there is any sign of damage to the packaging (i.e. scratching, chipping, denting, etc.) please make sure you notate it on the POD (Proof of Delivery). If you notice specific damage to the product, please explain this in detail on the POD and contact us immediately. If no damage is visible on the crate, please write “possible damage to contents of the crate(s).” Signing the POD free and clear without notating damage, means that you have confirmed that you have received your order in PERFECT condition. 

Signing the Proof of Delivery will be requested by you from the driver. If you do not notate that there is possible, or even specific damage at the time the POD is signed, a claim cannot be filed and any damages will be your responsibility. Due to shipping company policies, this is true no matter the circumstance of the delivery, including the driver's rushing, large packages, lack of help, or damage that is concealed in the package. 

Delivery times and dates are projected, and not definite, they are subject to change depending on weather conditions, traffic conditions, and acts of God. Delays in delivery that are outside of our control are not a reason for order cancellation. Unless a delivery date or deadline was guaranteed in writing to our customer, any order cancellations made due to delivery delays are subject to a 10% restocking fee and round trip shipping cost. Delivery guarantees are void in the event of a natural disaster or an act of God (delivery truck breaking down, car accident, etc.) - any returns or order cancellations made in the event of a natural disaster preventing the delivery from happening on time will be subject to round trip shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee. 




Ground shipments may be sent without a signature required and may be inspected after arrival unless noticeable damage to the packaging exists. Any and all damage to ground shipments must be submitted by email to please include your order number and a picture of the damage. The damage on ground shipments must be submitted within 1 business day. 

Should the driver not allow an inspection please write the driver's name on the package and note the following "driver refused to allow inspection, possible concealed damage." and take a picture of the packaging, even if it looks to be in good condition. We suggest having a camera available when the product arrives to document the condition of your shipment in the small chance that there is damage. 

*Please note that in the rare case of shipping damage, it is almost never recommended to refuse the shipment (please see reporting damage). Should damage occur notate damage on all delivery receipts, have the driver note the damage on his copies and accept the delivery. We also suggest taking pictures of the freight and submitting them to immediately. 

By signing the delivery receipts you are confirming that the item was delivered in 100% perfect condition.'s responsibility with respect to shipments made by common carrier ends with the customer's signature on the bill of lading. Should the product shipment be signed for without damage or possible damage noted Game Table Champ, LLC can no longer file a damage claim with the freight carrier. Therefore any damage(s) becomes the customers responsibility to claim with the freight carrier. If for some reason, inspection is not possible at the time of the delivery, you must write "possible damage to contents of the crate(s)." 


1) Customer is responsible for ensuring that the game table can be delivered to the desired location. If applicable our movers/installers will need to utilize the following if available - loading dock, entry road, freight elevator, and available parking space for delivery truck. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the delivery truck has a parking space. Customer is also responsible for checking delivery rules with property management and any building insurance requirements prior to the game table being delivered. In the case of an in home installation, customer is responsible to make sure that the product can be delivered into customer's preferred location and that customer has supplied all pertinent information prior to the delivery including but not limited to stairs, elevators, delivery area and have confirmed the ability to have the item successfully delivered. Shuffleboards are very long and may not fit around a corner in a hallway, up spiral stairs, etc. In this case the customer is responsible for any charges over the original cost of delivery and installation. Rural locations subject to distance surcharge.

2) It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they can receive their order once the shipping company calls to schedule a delivery - a working phone number is required to schedule delivery appointments. If we are unable to contact the customer to schedule a delivery appointment (we will make every attempt to contact you via phone and email) - storage fees will be applied for 3 days, after 3 days of being unable to reach the customer for delivery, we will instruct the shipping company to ship back the products to the manufacturer in order to avoid further storage fees. Customer is responsible for shipping fee both ways, restocking fee, and storage fee. 

3) Unless the customer advises the necessary and or extended delivery date in advance of order production, customer must be able to receive the product after production is completed. We cannot store the product at the manufacturer's facility after the order is complete unless we have notified the manufacturer in advance of any delivery delays. A storage fee of $50 will be charged per day that the customer requires the manufacturer to store the game table. 



Game Table Champ wants to ensure that you get your product in the same condition you intended to receive it. In order to do this it is important to follow the instructions and report damage to the driver and Game Table Champ properly. These policies are in place so that the shipping company can be held responsible in the rare case that an item is damaged in shipping and to ensure that you receive a repair or replacement at no additional cost should damage occur. 

Inspect all packages before signing the delivery receipt. If Damage or missing parts of any sort have occurred be sure that the driver has notated "damaged" on all copies of the delivery receipt BEFORE SIGNING FOR YOUR SHIPMENT. This includes but is not limited to damage to the carton or merchandise. Failure to notate damages will result in the forfeiture of your rights to claim damages and have your order replaced or repaired at no charge. 

Any shipping damage or missing parts must be reported to Game Table Champ within 3 business days of receiving your shipment.  If you notice that parts are missing, specify which items/parts via email.  Photos demonstrating the extent of the damage are required and must be received within 3 days of the damage being reported. This enables us to make sure your claim is taken care of successfully and you are not liable for the cost of a repair or replacement.  Reporting damaged or missing parts in this time frame is crucial as the manufacturers we source products while not honor claims after this window of time. 

Please do not refuse a shipment unless it is completely destroyed and damage has been notated on all copies of the delivery receipt. Our game tables can be fixed fastest when the items are left at the customer’s home rather than back in the carrier’s hands who caused the damage in the first place. In most cases a part can be replaced and we often allow the customer to use the damaged item until a replacement arrives. 

If you have any questions regarding what to do please contact us before you sign for or refuse any package.  


Any and all fees associated with missed delivery appointments and unwarranted product refusals will be automatically billed to the customer’s card on file and another delivery attempt will be made. If card on file cannot be billed customer agrees to send money order or cashier’s check within 7 days or be turned over to collections. 


Orders may be cancelled with no penalty prior to billing. Orders cancelled after billing and before shipping will be assessed a twenty two percent restocking fee. If you would like to cancel and your order has shipped or has been prepared for shipment you will receive a full refund minus all shipping costs and a fifteen percent restocking fees. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason at any time. For your safety, we have a 2-week check verification period and refunds cannot be processed during the verification period. This is to ensure that there are adequate funds in the customer's account to cover the check payment by mail. 

Pricing errors on our website are rare but can happen from time to time. Pricing errors will not be honored. We do our best to maintain correct pricing at all times but in the rare chance that there is a pricing error, we reserve the right to cancel the order due to the product being listed at the incorrect price.

Shuffleboard & Pool Table Cancellations

Due to the size and magnitude of shuffleboard and pool table shipments, all shuffleboard and pool table sales are final. We reserve the right to issue a replacement and or repair to correct your order. While we cannot accept any return requests for our shuffleboard or pool tables, we will ensure that you receive a product that is free of any manufacturing defects and will send you free replacement parts as necessary to complete your shuffleboard or pool table.


All returns must be accompanied by a return authorization code (RAC). Items returned without a RAC will be refused and no refund will be given. To receive and RAC, send an email to with your name, order number and reason for return. All return must be requested within 10 days of receiving your order. All return request is processed during standard business hours M-F 9am-5pm EST. Our evening and weekend staff will not have access to your order. 

All items that come in boxes must be returned with the original packaging intact and undamaged condition. Items that experience shipping damage may not be returned as we reserve the right to fix or replace the item. Returns must be picked up and in transit, no more than 14 days from the date of delivery and must include all instructions, pieces etc. On approved returns, we offer a complete refund less all shipping costs and a fifteen percent restocking and processing fee. Custom, made to order products and products with home installation are not eligible for return or refund and these sales are considered final once installation has commenced. Please note that custom pool table cloth/felt sales are final, each cloth is custom cut and sold by the yard. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are ordering the correct amount of yards to felt your pool table. 


Custom and made-to-order products must be canceled within forty-eight (48) hours of order placement or they can no longer be canceled and refunded. Custom and made to order products are billed prior to beginning production and are built exclusively for the customer's needs. Due to the delicate nature of custom order production, sometimes production lead times can extend longer than expected due to circumstances outside of our control. Extended production lead times rarely happen but are not a reason for order cancellation and we will update our customers accordingly as production delays occur.